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Neal Mugglestone - Half Price Fuel!

Jaguars in Neal Mugglestone's yard A new Jaguar X350

Cheaper Fuel - Neal Mugglestone

Yes, you really can fill your tank for 30 instead of 60 - just add an additional fuel system to your car so that it uses cheaper fuel.

Weve probably heard of "Biodiesel", and probably LPG (or Autogas). In fact internal combustion engines can run on a variety of fuels and Neal Mugglestone has spent many years improving cars to make them cheaper to run.

It all began about 20 years ago when Neal bought an old Jaguar XJ with a dead engine, and a diesel engine, for 100 each! He fitted the diesel engine into the XJ and made a luxury car that did about 35 mpg! Word got around and over the next ten years he fitted several hundred diesel engines into Jaguars. A lot of them are still running, very economically, and their owners wont part with them.

Engine of an XJR6 A V12 engine LPG tank in boot

Modified engines in XJR6 & V12 and the LPG tank neatly fitted under the boot

About eight years ago Neal started fitting LPG (Autogas) conversions. The advantage is that the original engine is retained, but an additional fuel system is added. Hes now done over 500 conversions; everything from small engines up to 7litre V8s. About 70% of the conversions have been Jaguars, for which he has a bit of a reputation!

There are several hundred LPG conversion companies in the UK. The good ones spend quite a bit of their time fixing the problems created by the bad ones! Equally there are up to 50 different equipment manufacturers - some of their equipment is very good, but some less so. So half price fuel is a good idea, but you need to get it done properly! This is your chance to swap myth for facts, learn about the technology, and the advantages, disadvantages and costs of different types of system. We also plan to have several LPG converted cars for you to see.

At this meeting we heard from the man who has been putting this theory into practice! Weve also prepared a technical sheet about different types of fuel.


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