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Past Meeting

From Ash Frames To Flashing Flames!

  • Date
    26th March 2009
  • Place
    Chemistry Research Laboratory (CRL), South Parks Rd, Oxford, OX13TA
  • Gallery 

[See Pictures of suppliers work further down this page.]

After our very successful LPG evening in March 2008 - see our note on fuel systems - we had another March technology evening with a number of amazing specialist suppliers visiting us on the same evening!. We heard brief presentations about all sorts of woodwork (but in particular about wooden frames for coachbuilt cars) and then information about creating new metal components for pre-war cars.

1929 Rolls-Royce body frame
1929 Rolls-Royce body frame
Clanfield Coachbuilding
The range of activities covered by local suppliers is extraordinary.

Besides a complete restoration for a vintage car, there are firms both selling and re-manufacturing complete classic cars; and those who offer every kind of service for more modern machinery, from a routine service to an engine re-build.
Zircotec Plasma Spraying
Plasma Spraying
Andy McCabe
Andy McCabe

After the "old stuff", the talk from Andy McCabe of Zircotec was about Plasma Spraying ceramics at 10,000 degrees! Just the thing to insulate your exhaust.

Weve prepared a technical note on Plasma Spraying.
Phantom 3 Engine
Phantom 3 Engine
Fiennes Restoration
Suppliers brought examples: from complete cars to superchargers, cylinders, exhausts, and trailers.

We heard about visual enhancements, gas conversions, or performance upgrades, from mild improvements for road cars, to creating cars to go racing!
Jaguar E-type
Jaguar E-type for sale
Carpet Binding
Carpet Binding
Alpine Eagle

Some of the Invited Suppliers

Clanfield Coachbuilding
Alpine Eagle
Bantam Trailers
Malcolm C Elder & Son
Fiennes Restoration
Guy Salmon
Knowles-Wilkins Engineering (KWE) Ltd
Paramount Performance
Pioneer Automobiles
Priory Vintage Car Company
Legends Automotive Ltd
Realm Engineering
TWR Replicas
Allerston Taylor
XKZ Zahran
Berkshire Jag Components
Penny Vintage Carriage Bodies
Ecurie Rombouts
Fits n Starts
GW Wright & Co

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