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Nigel Thorley - Jaguar and the Car Industry in Coventry 1928-2007

  • Date
    20th January 2010
  • Place
    Chemistry Research Laboratory (CRL), South Parks Rd, Oxford, OX13TA
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Nigel Thorley was the speaker at the launch of our autumn series of meetings in 2008, the Sixtieth Anniversary year of the Jaguar XK engine, and the XK 120.

Those of you who heard Nigels talk in 2008 will know that he is an exceptionally interesting speaker who is really enthusiastic about his subject. Besides editing Jaguar Enthusiast he organises seminars and has written extensively about motoring in general.

Nigel talked about Jaguar cars in 2008, but this time his focus was on making them. Illustrated with period pictures, his talk looked at changes in manufacturing, technologies, business and the working environment. Not surprisingly his focus was on the Jaguar locations (first in Blackpool) then in Coventry at Foleshill and Browns Lane. But this is a bigger picture, of the effect that these changes had on peoples lives, and that the industry had on the City of Coventry.

Jaguar Enthusiasts magazine cover Nigel is the Editor of Jaguar Enthusiast, has written extensively about Jaguar cars, organises many training courses and events, is a regular speaker, and is involved in many other ways in matters Jaguar and indeed motoring in general. There can be few people with the depth of knowledge spanning the cars and people from the very earliest until the latest model!

He is an engaging speaker who is both very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about his subject interesting not just for Jaguar lovers, but for all those with an interest either in motoring history or motoring today.

Nigel Thorley

Nigel Thorley Nigel was brought up with Jaguars, his fathers cars including an SS and Marks VII, IX & X. Since then Nigel has owned over 60 Jaguars and Daimlers, beginning with a Mark 2 at the age of 17 and currently running a modern XJ8 (X-350) and a 1958 Mark VIII.

Nigel wrote his first book, The Complete Companion to the Mark 2, in 1983. Some 20 titles later his latest works are Jaguar - Marketing the Marque and Great Cars - Jaguar XK.
(He has also written about Citroens and Fords!)

Nigel was a founder and is a Director of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, and has been editor of Jaguar Enthusiast since its inception. He also works for TV programmes, the www.classiccartv.co.uk Internet Channel, and gives many talks both here and abroad.

Nigels fathers SS Jaguar
Nigels fathers SS Jaguar
Nigels 1958 Mark VIII manual/overdrive saloon
His 1958 Mark VIII manual/overdrive saloon

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