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Past Meeting

Graham Williams - "High Mileage"

  • Date
    25th March 2010
  • Place
    Chemistry Research Laboratory (CRL), South Parks Rd, Oxford, OX13TA
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Hesketh at Donington
Hesketh at Donington
We heard about Grahams early racing career, starting at Jim Russells racing drivers school and going on to Lotus where he worked as an engineer and test driver working with the likes of Jim Clark and Dan Gurney. He brought with him a print signed by Dan citing him as his "old competitor".

Coralie and Graham
Coralie and Graham
Graham showed pictures from when he ran his own Sports Car team in the USA in the late 80s and mid-90s, whilst competing with the Jaguar team run by Tom Walkinshaw. These were accompanied by some unique and personal stories from that time.

Lastly, Graham shared with us his "romantic dream": owning and driving, with his wife of the last 7 years, a Hesketh Formula One car.

Graham Williams

Rebuilt Jaguar engine
Rebuilt Jaguar engine
Graham worked as an engineer and test driver at Lotus with Jim Clark and Dan Gurney.

After a spell as a Lotus main dealer, he ran, from the late 80s, his own Sports Car team in the USA, competing with the TWR Jaguars.

He currently owns and races a Hesketh Formula One car and operates a small company which rebuilds classic car engines, especially Jaguars.

He also makes DVDs on how to rebuild these engines and runs master classes teaching people on an individual basis.

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