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Malcolm Rose - Additives for Fuel and Oil

  • Date
    25th May 2010
  • Place
    Chemistry Research Laboratory (CRL), South Parks Rd, Oxford, OX1 3TA
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Oil can We all expect our cars to start first time whether its -10 or +30 degrees C outside. We want our engines to run smoothly and efficiently without problems. The internal combustion engine is in essence a chemical and metal working "factory", operating under regimes of high pressure and wide temperature ranges, in the presence of water and undesirable combustion products.

Malcolm Rose
As Communications Manager of Infineum, Malcolm talked about the different types of additive packages that we unknowingly pour into our engines every week and the critical roles they all play within the engine.

Infineum, headquartered at Milton Hill, Oxfordshire is one of the world's leading developers, manufacturers and marketers of Petroleum Additives.

For nearly 80 years they have been innovators of products used in automotive, heavy-duty diesel and marine engine oils, in gasoline and diesel fuels, and specialty applications including transmission fluids and industrial oils.


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