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Past Meeting

Steve Nicholls & Nigel Taylor - The Jaguar Electric-Petrol Hybrid

  • Date
    12th October 2010
  • Place
    Chemistry Research Laboratory (CRL), South Parks Rd, Oxford, OX13TA
  • Web 
    www.jaguar.com/gl/en/#/ (Search for "Limo Green)"

We heard how Jaguar has developed a new luxury XJ which gives 1,200mile range at 57mpg ... and makes no noise!

Steve and Nigel gave us more insight into this exciting new future for Jaguar.

The talk touched on:

How the project originated
Deciding on the configuration
Optimising performance

Electric-Petrol Hybrid

According to Jaguars Official web site, "One press of the chrome-ringed start button and ... nothing. Just silence." This is what to expect from future Jaguars, which will also deliver low CO2 into the bargain.

The ground-breaking XJ promises 400Nm (295lbft) of torque, 0-60 in 7 seconds and a top speed of 112mph. Jaguars luxury vehicle will run for over 30miles on the battery alone. When the battery needs recharging, an ultra-compact, three-cylinder, 1.2litre engine automatically powers up to drive an on-board electricity generator. Unlike other hybrids, this "range extender" only re-charges the battery to keep it topped up. There is no direct connection from engine to wheels.

If you need to travel more than a short distance between plugging into the mains, or for longer motorway driving, this hybrid combination delivers a range of 1,200miles at 57mpg, using the standard XJ fuel tank.

The hybrid drive-train fits into the space occupied by the conventional transmission and the performance is enhanced by the use of aluminium and composites.

Stephen Nicholls & Nigel Taylor

Stephen joined Rover Group in 1997 and moved into the Research area in 2007. With a background in electrical engineering, he made the natural progression into the research of Hybrid vehicles. Stephen is the co-creator of the Limo Green concept and is responsible for managing not only the project as a whole but also the consortium delivering various key elements of the project. Stephen has a passion for innovation and won the Jaguar Land Rover Technology Award in 2008 for the all-round camera system used on Land Rover products.

Nigel has a degree in physics from Imperial College. After a few years working for the MoD at Farnborough, he joined Land Rover in 1991 and worked on interior and exterior noise and vibration. In 2003 Nigel moved to Jaguar Land Rover Research and set up the NVH group. He won the Jaguar Land Rover Technology Award in 2008 for his work on the mathematical techniques used for the development of interior noise Sound Quality. Nigel is the co-creator of Limo Green and heads up the Low Carbon Vehicle research group.

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