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Mark Willows - "Batteries Not Included" - Building a Non-Electric Hybrid Jaguar

This was a talk with a completely different spin. Flywheel Hybrid Systems to be precise!!
Hybrid XF
Mark Willows is an Automotive Electronics and Control Systems engineer with Prodrive in Banbury. He was part of the team developing these future systems. It is interesting that the car which they chose as a testbed was the Jaguar XF.

Mark's talk outlined what we're going to see in tomorrow's energy efficient cars:

  •  The principles behind Flywheel Hybrid Systems.
  •  The installation of a Flywheel Hybrid System into a Jaguar XF.
  •  The design and testing of the Hybrid Control System.
  •  Test results showing significant improvements in CO2 emissions.
Flywheel System The Flywheel
[Photographs courtesy of Flybrid Systems LLP
Mark Willows
Mark Willows Mark is a Chartered Electrical engineer who has over 30 years' experience in the development of Automotive Electronics and Control Systems.

Mark Willows and Daimler He has worked for Prodrive Automotive Technology since 2000 and currently works as a Technical Specialist in Electronics and Control.

He has a long standing interest in classic cars and currently runs a 1968 Daimler V8 250.


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