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Peter Ireland - 16,000degreesC & 30,000g in Oxford!

Gas Turbine Testing
Gas Turbine Testing
We were pleased to welcome our October speaker, Professor Peter Ireland, the head of research into Gas Turbines (and allied fields) at the Oxford University Laboratory at Osney.

The Laboratory houses some of the most sophisticated gas turbine and high speed flow facilities in the UK.

You may remember our talks about Bloodhound SSC (Richard Noble) in January 2009, and about Hypersonic Travel and Scramjets (Alan Bond) in February 2011.
Test Aircraft
Test Aircraft with Oxford
Instrumentation on Nacelle
We also heard about the Jaguar C-X75 780bhp Gas Turbine Electric car (Steve Nicholls & Nigel Taylor) in October 2010.

At this meeting, we learned more about the amazing research being done in Oxford, which will certainly affect future aeroplane travel, and may even find its way into cars!

The Oxford University Osney Laboratory

Orion Rocket with Scramjet
Orion Rocket with Scramjet
in Oxford Gun Tunnel
The work of the Laboratory began in the 1960s with research into the re-entry problems of space vehicles. They built a gun which creates temperatures as high as 16,000degrees at speeds up to Mach8! It was an enormous challenge to make measurements in these conditions.

This work led on to Gas Turbine research, where high temperatures are also encountered, and a new form of Wind Tunnel was developed.

Nozzle Guide Vane
Nozzle Guide Vane
Gas turbine blades are protected from the hot combustion gases by blowing cool air over the blade surface through rows of small holes. Making measurements on the tip of a blade rotating at 10,000rpm and subjected to 30,000g is another huge challenge, but one which has been overcome by the University.

Interestingly, the process has turned full circle in that these methods are now used on hypersonic propulsion tests. An Orion rocket is launched up to about 200 miles, to conduct hypersonic Scramjet tests as it re-enters the earth's atmosphere descending from 20 to 10 miles up.

Professor Peter Ireland

Peter Ireland Peter is the Professor of Turbomachinery at Oxford University and is Head of the team of more than 50 people at the Engineering Science Osney Laboratory. He is also the Director of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Heat Transfer and Aerodynamics.

As a young graduate in the 1980s, Peter worked on engine testing in the motor industry in Coventry. More recently, he worked on Heat Transfer at Rolls-Royce Aerospace in Derby, taking up his current post at Oxford in 2011.

His research group has pioneered experiments in heat transfer and turbine cooling, and he has published more than 120 papers.

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