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Michael Bartlett - The Trials Of Wartime Motoring

Wartime poster You would know that getting petrol during World War II was difficult. But did you also know that there were no mechanics - even the smallest garages were doing work for the war.

Locally, for example, Morris Motors had workshops all over the County. There were no spares and if you wanted tyres you had to go and plead your case at a Government Depot!

Our speaker, Michael Bartlett, has become a real expert on this period of motoring history and his talk was most enlightening and entertaining.

The Trials of Wartime Motoring

Michael writes, "Some years ago 1 was lucky enough to acquire the wartime Autocar magazines 1940-45 and from those fascinating magazines this talk evolved.

The trials and tribulations of the civilian motorist were such that most motorists went by bus!

This talk attempts to explain how the motorist had to put up with petrol rationing, lack of tyre and battery supplies and scarcity of mechanics, as well as the black-out and bombing raids.

The talk also covers the bus scene mainly in London and Oxford."

Michael Bartlett

BSA Motorcycle Michael lives locally and runs a couple of Austin Sevens (1928 & 1936), which he restored himself.

Interested in motoring history, he is also a bus enthusiast and volunteer in the workshop at the Oxford Bus Museum helping in bus restoration and also in the archives.

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