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Bob Burrage - Oxford Model Night - Tiltrotor Aircraft: An Inventor's View

V22 Tiltrotor Aircraft We had a very interesting collection of model (and miniature) planes, trains, cars and boats, from rather large to quite small.

We were able to fly the smaller planes inside the Atrium!

In addition to these, the focal point of the evening was the talk by Bob Burrage about his amazing Rotorcraft.

Tiltrotor Aircraft: An Inventor

First Attempts at Tiltrotor Aircraft This talk started with the early tiltrotor ideas and tests from the 1920s to the 1950s that led to the modern tiltrotors: V22 Osprey and AW-609.

Talking about the MV-22 (the version of Osprey flown by the US Marine Corps) was the excuse to introduce Bobs own design of tiltrotor, to show off some of the flight testing video (a 1/10th scale model hovering, no wings as yet).
Bell XV-3 Tiltrotor Aircraft
He brought along the hovering version for you to see as a static display, it was truly different!

The main points of the talk were:
History of the dream: the XV-15 shows it can be done
The V-22 Osprey in Iraq, Afghanistan and more
An inventors view and a bit of progress

Bob Burrage

Future vision Armed with a BSc in Maths and Physics, the first interesting task of the Bobs career in the aerospace industry was a VTOL simulation.

This involved helping build and program a simulation of the Hawker Siddeley HS 681. With 4vectored thrust engines and 18 lift engines, the simulation task was to find the safest strategy to recover from loss of a lifter engine.

Since then, involvement in the systems design of engine and flight controls for rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft has been good training for the present studies.

His most recent projects have been private venture: an asymmetric compound helicopter, a long range VTOL fan-in-wing design and centre-line tiltrotor concepts.

Boats, Planes and Trains

One metre class yachts racing RAF Fire Boat Flyingboat Quadcopter Thompson B1 4-6-0 locomotive Thompson B1 4-6-0 cabin detail

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