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Tony Eaton - Failed to Return

Amy Johnson Tony Eaton has a special interest in unravelling some of the hitherto unresolved air mysteries of the 2nd World War.

Tonys talk was a re-construction for us of the fatal last flights of two famous British wartime icons: aviatrix Amy Johnson (1941), whose RAF plane crashed into the Thames Estuary, miles away from its authorised flight plan; and film star Leslie Howard (1943), killed when the unarmed civilian airliner in which he was a passenger was shot down over the Bay of Biscay. Leslie Howard

The bizarre circumstances of their deaths, which shocked the nation, have long been the subject of speculation and conjecture.

Tony separated the facts from the fiction and addressed the persistent rumours that, for political and/or military reasons, the complete records have been deliberately withheld from public scrutiny.

This talk was a fascinating diversion from the usual WW2 history.

Amy Johnson and Spitfire
Amy's joining the ATA was
to lead to her death
Amy Johnson and Gypsy Moth
Amy's choice for her
solo flight to Australia

Tony Eaton

Tony Eaton Tony Eaton, is now retired after a long career in the Healthcare industry, most recently as Director of the London & Thames Valley Pharmaceutical Group.

Having worked in Government Affairs for 30 years he has a special interest in unravelling some of the unresolved air mysteries of the 2nd World War, particularly those where the authorities are still refusing to fully open their files.

As such, he is recognised for his research into the bizarre 1941 flight to Britain of Hitlers Deputy, Rudolf Hess, and the mysterious disappearance of the famous American bandleader Glenn Miller, supposedly en route to Paris in December 1944.
Leslie Howard notice
In 1994, Tony was part of a team that, for charity, recreated Glenn Millers wartime concert at Wycombe Abbey, High Wycombe, raising over 12,000 for SSAFA and the RAF Benevolent Fund.

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